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Turn to Integrity Sales & Distributors for animal and pet products. We carry a variety of products for farm animals and house pets. Our farming supplies include everything that you need to keep your livestock healthy, clean, and fed. You can count on us for pet supplies such as food and toys, treats, bird food and feeders.

Pet Food and Toys

Make your pet’s life interesting and playful with creative toys and feeders. We carry a wide assortment of toys for the smallest to the largest dogs. Tough and durable, these toys will delight your doggies. With our selection of quality dog food, we are a one stop shop for your dogs.

Treats for Your Furry Friends

Delight your furry friends with our range of treats and snacks. We have an in-house stock of chewable sticks and bones specially designed to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. You can choose different kinds of biscuits, fish treats, rawhide treats, soft treats and more for your loving pets.

Caged Bird Food

Get balanced and nutritious food for your caged bird friends from Integrity Sales & Distributors. From budgies to parrots, we have food for all species of caged bird. We stock high-fiber, elemental diet food designed to meet the protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral needs of your chirping friends.

Wild Bird Food and Feeders

Now, you can attract more wild birds to your garden with our wild bird food and feeders. Our feeders come in different shapes and sizes for feeding a variety of wild birds. Choose a seed blend suited for your feathery friends at our store. Whether you need beautiful hanging feeders, hummingbird feeders, or simple suet cages, we have them all.

When you need to choose and buy the best possible food for your animals, our store gives you a wide selection to choose from. Contact our team today to learn more about our animal feed and supplies, animal supplements, pet food and bird seed.

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Need Products for Your Pets?

Rely on us for animal and pet products, feed and supplements.

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