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Planning to buy seeds and treats for your pet birds? Get in touch with Integrity Sales & Distributors for bird suet and seeds.

Wild Bird Suet

We provide wild bird suet made from the highest quality of beef fat and seeds such as sunflower and millets. The suet treats that we provide are nutritionally balanced and healthy for your pet birds. You will also get wild bird mixes and feeders at our store.

Hummingbird Feeders

We offer an assortment of hummingbird feeders. Our selection of bird feeders is built with quality craftsmanship and plenty of nectar ports. These feeders are also easy to clean. You can rest assured that our feeders will ensure fresh nectar for your hummingbirds in the summer heat.

Seed Varieties We Provide

Seeds are a favourite of our little flying friends. Every bird species has a liking to a particular seed variety. To provide your wild bird and pet birds with their favourite choice, we offer an array of seeds, including:

Golden germain
Black oil sunflower seeds
Sunflower chips

Custom Bird Seeds

We also offer integrity blend bird seeds that are custom made in-house. These custom made seed varieties are:

Wild bird seed
Finch seed
Canary seed
Budgie seed
Parrot seed
Fancier Pigeon seed
Squab Pigeon seed

Give us a call to place your order for bird seeds. We sell seeds by the 20kg bag or by the kg.

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