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Buy Husqvarna products and chainsaws at Integrity Sales & Distributors in Saanichton. We offer chainsaws of both residential and commercial models. Other than chainsaws, we also offer chainsaw accessories such as bars, chains, files, chainsaw pants, falling gear, hard hats, hearing protection, gloves, bar oil and 2-stroke oil. You can also get batteries or gas premix for your chainsaw at our store.

Check out the seasonal flyer of Husqvarna for great deals on chainsaws, mowers and more. Husqvarna products are well-known for their legendary performance and eco-friendly measures that go easy on the wallet.

Benefits of Electric Chainsaws

Husqvarna battery powered chainsaws are more efficient than the regular ones. They are lighter weight so they are easier to handle and are also quieter so they won’t disturb the neighbours. With a brushless motor it delivers full torque and low revs which is 25% more efficient than a standard saw. They start at a touch of a button and are lower maintenance.

Get in touch with our team of experts to understand the benefits of different types of chainsaws and to select the one perfect one for your gardening needs. We carry homeowner, landowner and professional chainsaws. Whatever the job, we have the saw!



Tired of Regular Chainsaws?

You can buy Husqvarna electric chainsaws from our store in Saanichton.

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