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Visit Integrity Sales & Distributors to buy your new battery-powered products. Battery powered products are one of the leading choices of our clients since these products have paved a new way to do yard maintenance. These products are economical and eco-friendly. Without the usual churning and loud noise of traditional gas powered machines, these products can be used as a quiet solution to yard maintenance.

Products We Offer

Our battery powered yard equipment is a perfect “green solution” to cope with the growing noise and air pollution. To cater to all your yard operations, we offer:

Trimmers (weed-eaters)
Hedge trimmers
Pole saws

Brands We Carry

We carry products from some of the leading brands in the landscaping and gardening industry. The notable brands from which we provide our battery operated equipment to residential, commercial, industrial and farming clients are:


Lithium Batteries

Our battery powered equipment also come in variations of lithium batteries which work better and give more effective results in commercial landscaping and gardening activities. Contact our office to learn more about lithium batteries. You can also discuss with our specialists about our other products such blowers, tillers and Husqvarna machines.



Green Solution for Noise Pollution

We sell battery-powered yard equipment from Husqvarna, Oregon and Greenworks.

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