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Are you looking for nursery supplies? If so, contact Integrity Sales & Distributors for nursery pots and root pouches. We provide nursery black pots from 1 gallon to 45 gallons. Our root pouches and fabric pots are environment-friendly potting options that produce improved root systems.

Trays and Saucers

Providing you the widest and topmost range of trays and saucers for nursery activities, we cater to the demands of all our clients. You can buy plastic planters, flower pots, mini-garden planters, and more from our store.

Inserts and Plug Trays for Propagation

Propagation is one of the finest ways of plant reproduction and maintaining the roots for this purpose is very essential for a successful growth. You can choose from round pots, square pots, propagation trays, plug flats, traditional inserts, black form trays and others from our store in Saanichton for your next gardening project.

Plant Labels

Whether you need plastic labels, loop labels, 5” stake labels, t-labels, stakes or garden markers, we have you covered. These labels will help you identify the plants and trees better, giving all a chance to know the benefits of having that tree in your yard or garden.

Hanging Baskets

A beautiful way to decorate your patio or walkway is to have hanging baskets all along the trim of the roof to give your property an aesthetic look. Hanging baskets of calibrachoas or lobelias and petunias also add to the curb appeal of your property. So, why wait? Make your own hanging baskets with our plastic and wire baskets, moss and coco liners, potting soils, and flower seeds available at our store today! 

Greenhouse Plastic and Accessories

If you love gardening and want to create a greenhouse, you can count on us for greenhouse accessories such as shade cloth and greenhouse plastic. You will also get ventilation equipment, window openers and clamps for your greenhouse nursery at our shop.

Sungro (Plotting Soil)

We are an authorized dealer for Sun Gro® products. Some of the key products that we offer from Sun Gro® are: 

Propagation mixes
Black Gold potting mixes
Natural and organic mixes
Sunshine professional growing mixes
Peat moss
Sungro Horticulture
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