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Integrity Sales & Distributors provides farm implements and accessories. We carry Braber equipment such as tillers and spreaders for effective gardening and farming activities. We also supply parts and blades. Below, you will find the products that we provide for our clients in the commercial and residential sectors.

PTO Farm Implements

PTO or power take-off farm implements are an efficient means of transferring power between tractors and implements. These are safe and serve unique farming functions. Some of the commonly used farm implements that we provide are: 

Box blades
Hay tedders


Whether you need chain harrows, pasture harrows, power harrows, or disc harrows, we can provide them all. You can use either one of these products to break up the surface of the soil to follow a rough finish after the plowing operations.

According to your high speed and heavy duty farming needs, you can also choose the harrow that suits your needs.


Count on us for both small and large generators (3500w-9400w). You can also choose portable generators that can be used anywhere in the farm that serve various purposes. We have a wide range of mobile generators for gardening activities that include small, compact ones with low weight to large, powerful generators that supply the power you need for long operating times.

Pressure Washers and Accessories

From hoses to nozzles and wands, we provide all kinds of pressure washers and accessories for residential and commercial projects. These high-quality accessories modify and upgrade your pressure washer to make cleaning jobs easier and more effective.


High Speed Tillers, Harrows and Generators

Count on us for high-quality gardening and landscaping equipment.

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