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Integrity Sales & Distributors provides topsoil blends for nurseries, orchards, gardens and farms. We also sell bark mulch made of medium and fine fir bark mulch. Our topsoil blend is of garden compost and topsoil. Our bulk soil products consist of bark mulch, Garden compost, 50/50 topsoil garden compost blend, nursery mix, basket potting mix, and lava rock.

Custom Mixes

Along with producing a topsoil blend and bark mulch, we also offer custom nursery mix and basket potting mix in bulk. Basket potting mixes are made for container planting that consists of garden compost, peat moss, perlite, organic fertilizer and lime. On the other hand, nursery mix contains lava rock, bark mulch, perlite, garden compost, lime and nutrient charge.

Seasoil and Sun Gro® Plotting Soils

We are the authorized dealer of Sea Soil. You can buy Sea Soil in 32L bags from us. Sun Gro® plotting soils are available in 3.8 cu’ bags and Black Gold potting soils are available in 56L bags.

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Soil Sampling and Local Delivery

If you are planning to test the quality and texture of your soil, we can do it for you! We send away samples for analysis and go over the samples giving recommendations and guidance on how to correct the deficiencies in the soil. You can also count on us for local delivery of bulk soils.

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