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Fencing your property is very important, especially if you own a farm or orchard. Other than keeping your property safe, it also ensures that there is no trespassing. At Integrity Sales & Distributors we provide fencing materials, and metal T-posts of different size ranges.

Deer Fencing

If you are thinking of installing deer fencing on your property, contact us for fencing supplies. We supply deer fencing in wire, plastic and rope net. Our deer fences range from 6’- 8’ in height and are bound to keep those deer from leaping into your garden.

Farm and Garden Fencing

You can rely on us for farm and garden fencing, too. We offer wire farm fencing in assorted heights and lengths. Our garden fences come in both wire and plastic.

Electric Fencing

Everything that you need to make an electric fence surround for your property can be found at our store. We offer electric fencers, insulators, posts and accessories to help you build customized fences in order to ensure the safety of your farm and animals.

Posts and Gates

Planning to buy posts and gates for your house or farm? Get in touch with us for farm gates that range from 6’-16’. Along with farm gates, you will also get metal T-posts at our store. Metal T-posts ranging from 6’-10’ can also be ordered in bundles


Fencing for Your Farmland?

Protect your farm and animals from intruders with our electric fences and gates.

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