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Do you need high-quality grass seed for your garden or yard? Contact Integrity Sales & Distributors for custom blends designed for Vancouver Island. Our custom grass blends are best-suited for the lower Vancouver Island area and for all conditions. From lawn seeds and pasture seeds to clovers and micro-clover, we can provide them all. You can also talk to our experts for cover crops and blends such as fall rye, wheat, pea, vetch and clovers.

Wildflower Seeds

If you’re fascinated by the wild and its beauty, why not grow some wild flowers in your garden. You do not have to look far for quality wildflower seeds. We are your one stop-shop for wildflower and coastal seeds. We even have some pollinator blends to attract bees, hummingbirds and butterflies.

Cover Crop

If you want to replenish your garden or farm soil with natural ingredients and fertilizers, then using “cover crop” is one of the most potential methods. Usually a cover crop is grown to benefit the soil rather than boosting the yield. This kind of crop field is used to stop weed growth, check soil erosion and improve the quality of soil. At our store, we stock and supply seeds of such cover crops to help your soil get back its fertility.

Pasture Seeds

Farm animals need large pastures to feed on. With time, these pastures grow smaller and smaller, and do not meet their feeding needs. You can buy specifically designed pasture seeds from us and sow them to get a flourishing pasture. We can supply different types of pasture seeds that include individual species and blends for: 

Cattle pastures
Horse pastures
Goat pastures
Llama pastures
Poultry pastures

Besides providing you with quality grass seed blends, coastal wildflower seeds, and pollinator blends, our gardening experts can also give you advice and recommendations on how to grow and maintain lawns. Our step by step guidelines will give you success.

We can also provide you advice on the type of seed and quantity you need to purchase to seed a certain area.

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