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Visit Integrity Sales & Distributors for pet treats and foods. We offer assorted varieties of dog and cat foods from brands such as Orijen, Acana, and Proplan. Contact us for pet treats, toys and accessories, and food for rabbits and hamsters.

Pet Treats

Gift your pet dogs and cats tasty treats, bully sticks, chews, bones, bulk biscuits and more from our stores. With our healthy ingredients, you will end up with a happy and healthy pet!

Pet Toys and Accessories

We all know how our pets love playing with their fluffy toys and beautiful leashes. You can buy cute toys and accessories such as feeders, waterers, leashes and collars from our store to make their feeding and walking time more pleasant and bright.

Mini Pig Food

Ensure your mini pig’s nutrition with our Mazuri mini-pig food made from nutritionally-complete and quality ingredients. Our mini-pig foods are easy to digest and very palatable. These pet-pig foods are available for different stages of life including: Youth, Adult, and Elder.

Koi Food

If you want to boost the colour of your koi fish and promote their healthy growth, we can provide you with our Platinum Mazuri Koi Bits and Nuggets. They are specifically formulated for the proper growth and health of your koi.

Rabbit and Hamster Food

It is important that you choose the right kind of food and supplement for your pet rabbits or hamsters as they both have special food requirements. For your pet rabbits, you can buy a balanced rabbit pellet from Otter Co-op. We also have a custom in house blend of seeds and grains for your hamsters.

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