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Our pets and farm animals are an important part of our lives. So, it is important that we take care of their health and provide them with the best nutrition possible. Integrity Sales & Distributors offers In-Season Farms Ltd organic animal feed and Otter Co-op feed and supplements. We carry food for horses, cows, goats, sheep, llamas, pigs, pigeons, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more. Call us to learn more about our selection of animal feed.

Supplies We Offer

The supplies that we offer for farm and pet animals are: 

Feeding and watering supplies: Buckets, automatic waterers, stock tanks, slow feed hay nets and bale feeder. You can choose the perfect one for your farm animals from our large selection.
Harnesses: We have adjustable harnesses for horses, llamas, cows, and sheep. Whether you need a collar, an adjustable lead, or harness, we can provide them all.
Grooming accessories: We offer a wide range of brushes, mini fluffer combs, cowboy brushes, shedding blades and more within our pet and farm animal grooming selection.
Animal health supplies: You can rely on us for trace mineral supplements, products for reproduction control, health supplement for ruminants and nutritional supplements for joint and muscle development.

Brands We Carry

To maintain the standards of our animal feed and supplies, we carry organic feeds and products from:

Otter Co-op 

In-Season Farms Ltd

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