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Integrity Sales & Distributors provides a variety of synthetic and organic fertilizers. Most of the fertilizers that we provide are custom blends designed for specific plants in our area. We also offer generic fertilizers for the day-to-day gardening activities of farms, orchards and nurseries. You can choose between organic and synthetic fertilizers, depending on the need and potential growth within a specific time period.

We sell our fertilizers in both small and big bag sizes. The sizes range from 2kg to 25kg. We also have a custom organic blend consisting of soil amendments like alfalfa meal, kelp meal, rock phosphate, sulfate of potash, lime and azomite. Talk to our experts to learn more about organic fertilizers and amendments.

Why Do We Need Fertilizers?

Along with sunlight, fresh air and water, minerals are also very essential for plant growth. When the soil lacks these trace and essential elements, adding chemical or organic fertilizers induces plant growth by capturing nitrogen and minerals in the soil. Fertilizers contain nitrogen (N), phosphorous (P) and potassium (K) in different ratios that can be found listed or labelled on the packaging. You must check for these values before buying a certain type of fertilizer for your soil.

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