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Get your horses and cattle the required mineral and salt levels with our animal supplements. Integrity Sales & Distributors offers health supplements for your farm animals from the leading brands in the market.

Purica Supplements

Count on us for Purica supplements such as Renewal, Recovery, MSM, and Glucosamine.

Basic Supplements for Horses

We are the authorized dealers for Basic Equine Nutrition products. These products are of high-quality and come at affordable prices. Basic Equine Nutrition products are in complete compliance with Health Canada & Agriculture Canada. So, you can rest assured that your horses are eating safe and healthy supplements.

Basic Equine Nutrition

Minerals for Livestock

Minerals are necessary for proper digestion and metabolic processes of your horses and cattle. To provide your farm animals with adequate supply of essential minerals, we offer horse, llama, and livestock mineral supplements. Horse minerals include cultured yeast, magnesium, Vitamin E and others.

We can also provide you with Pegasus minerals and horse supplements from Otter Co-op. These supplements are scientifically formulated for performance.

Salt Blocks and Licks

Horses need salt blocks and licks to maintain their salt needs. You can also mix loose salt and mineral blocks in their feed buckets if your horses do not like blocks and licks. Get in touch with us for salt blocks, licks and bagged loose salt.

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