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At Integrity Sales & Distributors, we offer a variety of landscaping and gardening supplies to meet your needs. Get in touch with us to buy regular soil and fertilizer for all your gardening activities. We also offer organic materials like peat moss, sea soil, grass seed, plant and flower seeds for landscaping projects. Some of the other products that we carry are:

Lawn and garden fertilizer
Organic and chemical fertilizer
Garden tools
Lawn rollers
Safety equipment

Gloves and Tools

We boast of a wide selection of gloves for every gardener, farmer, landscaper, arborist and worker. Our store also hosts professional tools made by some of the leading brands in the industry such as Felco, Garant, Corona and Seymour Midwest.

Apart from soils, fertilizers, tools, gloves and safety equipment for landscaping and gardening activities, we also provide nursery supplies, irrigation supplies and vegetable seeds.

Irrigation Supplies

We supply all kinds of materials for your irrigation projects. You can select pumps, fittings and accessories to ensure that you have a functional irrigation system for healthy growth and yield of your plants and vegetables.

Vegetable Seeds

Along with proper irrigation and fertilization, you must use healthy seeds to have a good harvest. You will find a vast variety of vegetable seeds at our store. We carry Franchi Italian Seeds. Most are open-pollinated heirlooms of high quality and are germination tested. Franchi seeds have a generous amount of seed in each package and grow strong healthy plants.

Landscape Fabrics

To help you fight the growth of weeds on your farm or yard, we also offer you landscape fabrics. This textile material inhibits exposure to sunlight, thereby controlling the weed growth. The landscape fabric can be placed around any plant to stop unwanted growth of weeds.

Orchard Ladders

Integrity Sales & Distributors is always keen on helping you with all your activities in landscaping and gardening projects. Portable, self-supporting ladders help you in orchard and landscape maintenance jobs like pruning and fruit harvesting. If you are thinking of buying one, you can visit our store to choose from our assortment of ladders and other products.

vegetable seeds

Buy Orchard Ladders and Tools from Us

We provide landscape fabrics, vegetable seeds and irrigation supplies.

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